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All bio, all right?

The truth about organic animals

How big is the distance between reality and the consumer's idea of idyllic farms and happy animals in species-appropriate husbandry on green meadow? All bio, all right? Read about it on Biowahrheit.de, compare different pieces of information, question PR-messages, compare different pieces of information, imagine the point of view of the animals and build an opinion for yourself!

Video documentary about organic pigs


If you lose your appetite while informing yourself about "organic animals" at least this is not going to be a reason for concern. You might enjoy the leads for a well-tasting and healthy vegetable diet following the link "saving lives".


Karen Duve, bestseller author:

"There is no meat from happy animals, only from dead ones"

Karen Duve


Biowahrheit.de deals in a critical way with the breeding and use of so called organic animals. Biowahrheit.de doesn't mean to doubt the organic production of vegetable food.


Biowahrheit.de is a project of:

Animal Rights Watch e.V.